Digital Strategy Creation

It’s undeniable that consumers are spending more time on their phone than any other device. Smartphones and their accelerated growth and spread made these devices more than just a dial pad and speaker to make calls and send messages. However, most organizations and entities lack proper digital marketing strategies. Their products, services and messages, therefore, are invisible to their prospective audience.

We at Engage Digital Marketing provide you with the perfect tailor-made plan for your business and communication needs.


Engagement Review
We start by auditing your current digital eco-system, looking into the following components:
  • Analytics. We look into the nitty-gritty of your website analytics, to find any areas that need to be strengthened in order to determine whether or not your site is as consumer-friendly as it should be.
  • Social Media. We analyze your current organic reach through social channels.
  • Paid Media. We audit your current digital advertising to see its effect on your website’s conversion rate.
  • Website. Being the backbone of all your digital existence, we look into the website’s architecture to make sure that it is optimized and is geared towards your track of success.
We believe that it’s not always about paying more to get more – sometimes, all you have to do is reallocate your existing budget to reap more benefits. No matter the situation, we set realistic budget recommendations to help you reach your goal.
It’s vital to communicate clearly, concisely, in the right time, the right manner, and the right place, to reach your prospective audience. We develop your message and communication strategy and recommend a suitable action plan to put the pieces into place and achieve your desired goals.
Execution and Measurement
We believe that you should always track and audit your execution. Therefore, we provide monthly reports to enable you to track your performance and keep up with your evolving audience.

Search Engine Optimization

For our Search Engine Optimization plans, we work backwards; we ask you where you want to be, and we work backwards to achieve this for you.

We look into the best ways to make your business or organization stand out among competition. We discover the best way to rank in search for your unique market conditions. We then work with you to reverse-engineer an SEO strategy that fits your needs.

Content Development

We believe in creating content that is consistent across the board, to work in sync towards achieving your goals. From web development, search engine optimization and social media, business content needs to be working together to create an entire content eco-system.

We start by defining your business goals. By understanding who your targets are – and what attracts them towards your business – we can create a content strategy that integrates with marketing and meets the business goals. It's a balancing act between all parts of your business – and we make content strike the right balance.

Social Media Management

We create social media campaigns that have all the right components for success; we understand the necessary language and the essential tools to create social media messages that stand out and attract your audience.

We start with the data. Who is your target audience? And how can they be reached? Our social specialists then utilize data insights to create attractive copy and design. The result is social media that is perfect and done right.

We always look at the big picture, and we believe that your social media is an integral part of your strategy. We focus on the bigger picture. Your social media marketing – whether that's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat or YouTube – is part of a digital strategy that's built on your business goals.

Digital Paid Media

Digital paid media campaigns are the fastest method of reaching potential customers when they search for your brand.

Our digital paid media specialists can create a custom paid media advertising campaigns to reach your audience with the right message at the right time, and to meet your main objectives whether that is brand awareness, sales or leads.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is generally a faster method when compared to SEO. When the goal is website visibility, increased traffic, or gain more customers SEM is the best pick!

Search Engine Marketing is all about results and Return of Investments. It is an excellent way to reach your target audience directly. At Engage our priority is to understand your unique businesses objectives, do a marketing analysis of your business, customers tendencies and competitors before developing a bespoke search engine marketing strategy for your brand.

To make your campaigns successful we constantly optimize your campaigns so they grow and deliver quality customers at a great ROI.